A Dual Heritage, A Singular Passion

Nicola Septem

With a musical journey spanning 15 vibrant years, Nicola Septem has earned his place as a standout figure in the electronic music scene. Hailing from a rich mix of Croatian and German roots, his love affair with music ignited early in life, and it’s evolved into an extraordinary career.

For the past decade, Nicola has not only been crafting mesmerizing sets as a DJ but also shaping the music landscape as a seasoned booker for festivals and events across the globe. His extensive network and unmatched expertise have led him to curate unforgettable experiences in a multitude of countries, from the heart of Germany to the beaches of Croatia, the bustling streets of Turkey, the vibrant scenes of Mexico, and the enchanting beauty of Indonesia.

Nicola’s dual role as both DJ and event booker is a testament to his profound understanding of the audience’s desires. His performances aren’t just music; they’re a transcendent experience, precisely tailored to create the perfect atmosphere for any event.

With an unbridled passion for music and an unparalleled talent, Nicola Septem shines brightly in the vast galaxy of electronic music, making him an icon in the industry.