The Maestro of Psychedelic House

Maurizio Schmitz

Hailing from a unique heritage, half Italian and half German, Maurizio Schmitz embraces this duality. Whether he’s donning pinstripes or pajamas, he’s in his element, and when the music starts, he’s in his zone. His realm is psychedelic house – a genre that tantalizes the senses, from the pulsating beats to the captivating melodies. It’s a genre that seamlessly transitions from grand festival stages to intimate club settings and lingers long into the after-hours.

Maurizio’s journey began in 1990 when he was introduced to a treasure trove of forgotten vinyl at a club where his mother worked. His career unfolded during the heyday of German techno, where the rules of electronic music were rewritten. He was not merely a witness; he was a driving force. In the vast universe of techno, he crossed paths with many luminaries. Notably, his encounter with Sven Väth in a 1994 after-hours set in Munich, known as “Pulvertum,” is etched into his memory. Väth, the legendary magician of techno, was seen elevated in a tree during the performance – a moment that left an indelible mark.

In summary, Maurizio Schmitz’s journey is a testament to the fusion of Sicilian passion with German techno, a captivating narrative that continues to unfurl.