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DJ Sven Väth

Sven Väth, an enduring force in dance music, continues to redefine the art of DJing and shape global club culture. Sven’s journey began over 40 years ago, and he’s never lost his love for playing records to crowds. As a pioneer of the German techno revolution, Sven’s iconic “Omen” club in Frankfurt set the stage for delirium-inducing parties that defined an era. Sven upscaled his influence, creating the extraordinary “Cocoon Club” in Frankfurt, known for its futuristic design and earth-shattering sound system. His visionary “Cocoon Ibiza” residency at Amnesia, launched in 1999, reshaped the club scene and birthed a new after-party culture. Sven expanded his influence across 5 continents and over 30 countries through “Cocoon Events Worldwide,” bringing his vision to dancefloors worldwide. Sven’s latest endeavor, “CATHARSIS,” marks his return to producing after 20 years. The album, released in February 2022, reflects his soul’s longing and the essence of the pandemic era.

With a remarkable career spanning over four decades, he remains one of the most charismatic and influential performers in the world of electronic music.